Saab Repair

Saab Repair for Falmouth & Portland, ME

Saabs are special vehicles. Studies have shown that Saab drivers can be up to 10 times more passionate about their vehicles than drivers of comparable makes and models. If you’re that passionate about your vehicle, you want to ensure that it is in excellent hands when it comes time for service or repairs.

That is why you should take your vehicle to Blaise’s Euro Pro Shop. Unlike many other auto mechanics in the Portland, ME and Falmouth, ME areas, we specialize in European automobiles and have a special fondness for Saabs. In fact, our shop used to specialize in Saab repair under the previous owner. Rest assured that we know all of the intricacies of your vehicle and understand how to help it reach peak performance. We can also handle routine service such as inspections, brake checks, and more.

Saab Repair Falmouth, ME

Call or Stop in Today for Saab Repair!

Any vehicle that has jet engines in its ancestry is going to be special, which means it deserves our special attention. Let the pros at Blaise’s Euro Pro Shop give your Saab the dedication and attention it deserves. Call (207) 221-3523 or (207)467-5995 today to learn more and schedule your next Saab repair service appointment!

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